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About Us

Refresh Fruit Boutique Produce Department has the freshest, highest quality fruits, nuts & vegetables directly from the farm and from the fruit market to our shoppers! Refresh Fruit Boutique buys our fresh produce from the Hunts point market and from the Philadelphia market and from small local farms and from farms around the world. Because we look for the best, the highest Quality Produce are passed on to our shoppers. We are dedicated to providing outstanding quality.

Fresh from the Farm to Our Store

We associate ourselves with the best growers and suppliers in the world so that we may supply our customers with the highest quality products available. We define quality by appearance, taste, variety, and freshness.

Our Story

we opened our store in 1998 specializing in high quality fruits, we we’re top of the line for years, our customers knew that if they want a good piece of fruit they should definitely come to us, we used to buy fruits from the Hunts point produce market and pick the best of the best for our customers.

A good Name speaks for itself…

in 2012 we had a few big box stores who contacted us they wanted us to prepare for them high quality cut fruit’s and vegetables and we went big… we don’t have to tell you that what that means basically we needed more man power to come and help with our customers, that’s when we separated the business into 2 seperate businesses, the big box stores in 1 location and the retail store in a separate location.

Store under new management

In July of 2015 Lipa Salamon a nephew of the founder Avrohom Kaufman came into the business with a passion and with a goal to supply with the best and highest quality the store ever had! he started with finding new farmers local and abroad just to get in the most unique produce for our customers and it was a hit!


In 2018 he decided we have to take it to the next level, renovated the store it took a lot of effort from him and from the customers as the change was ongoing.


As you know a good name speaks for itself people started to realize the quality once they tasted our produce and they just kept on coming back again and again and shared it with friends and family and here we are now with the best quality produce ever! our blueberries in known in Brooklyn as the biggest crispiest and sweetest ever as we get that in direct from farms all around the world! we have seasonal produce when its available we import from Mexico, New Zealand, Guatemala, Chille, Taiwan, etc. you name it from wherever we can get something good, now you can just sit back and relax just come into our store and just get the best fruits and vegetables that we went around picking for you without a hassle.

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